Teacher’s Day Celebration- 2022

Every year 5th September is celebrated as Teacher’s Day to celebrate the birth of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second President of India, also a great philosopher and a teacher. The students of Indira Gandhi Memorial Academy- Uttarpara every year organize Teacher’s Day with passion and remarkable perform.


Indira Gandhi Memorial Academy organised street plays to make kids socially responsible.Student activities encourage them to be socially responsible and shape them to be a better person, such lessons can’t be taught in classrooms.


Games are an integral part of the holistic development which direct one to be competitive while keeping the spirit of honesty and camaraderie alive.A massive well done to all the boys who took part in the tournament.They demonstrated great teamwork, sportsmanship and behaviour.Many thanks to all the parents who came to support them.


IGMA-Uttarpara encourge its studedents to learn and grow.Student of IGMA-Uttarpara participated in Wall magazine in school premises.


Students of IGMA-UTTARPARA organized the event under guidance of Teachers.Indira Gandhi Memorial Academy always encourages its students to learn and explore new fields to enrich their creative mind.

Book Fair

A book fair, organized by ‘IGMA-UTTARPARA’ saw an overwhelming response from students and parents who had come to attend the occasion.For the entire student community of the school the week was spent browsing a wide range of books from all disciplines of education on display.

Annual Day Function

Annual cultural program is held with grandeur. Annual cultural program is held with grandeur.

Moral Science

Moral Science is very important for Today’s Generation as right kind of education on moral values will upgrade society and the country. Along with book knowledge, we make sure that our students practice moral values for better understanding and this makes this subject more interesting and fun to learn. Different projects are done on:
Gender Equality, Our Rights, Concern for Environment, Team Work, Friendship & Sharing, Re Use Waste, Healthy food Habits, Celebrating Diversity.

Yoga Day

Yoga Day is celebrated at school every year. This year, it was celebrated on 18th June 2018. Throughout the year, students learn and practice yoga. Yoga helps in boosting students’ performance in all fields. Practicing asanas, breathing exercises lowers the stress levels of the students. Yoga also improves memory, increases attention levels and brings discipline among the students. On this day, students perform different asanas and exercises .They also share information on their benefits and the changes these bring in our lives.

Republic Day

Republic Day celebration is one of the most important events in the school. After flag hoisting, students recite patriotic poems, perform dances and sing patriotic songs. To remember the importance of this day throughout the children are given small flags to carry with them.

Van Mahotsav

Van Mahotsav is celebrated with massive awareness and educational purpose at school. The celebration is an ideal opportunity to instill the values of social responsibility among the students towards safeguarding the trees and forests. To make this day more informative and educative, students speak about various benefits of the plants and trees around us. The students also planted various medicinal plants like Aloe Vera, Neem , Basil , Lavender , Tulsi at the school premises . Students also make posters & charts which are later displayed on the school display boards. On this day, students perform different asanas and exercises .They also share information on their benefits and the changes these bring in our lives.